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Light My Fire

Shining a light on our favorite candles.

Let’s be real. Nothing is quite as successful in making us feel, well, fancy, as a luxury candle. 

Whether you're a budding Emily Post or the entirety of your closet lives mostly on your floor; lighting up the wick of a fancy French bougie will invariably transform your apartment/room/black hole into a Parisian salon (not that kind, Hannah Horvath). Think about it: the opulence of an expertly crafted candle is unrivaled, especially in terms of instant pick-me-up potential. After a spectacularly shitty day, there's nothing like waltzing into a department store and putting your pennies towards a candle that yields hours of opulent fragrance. While it can sometimes feel a little overtly, how do you say, decadent, to throw upwards of $60 bucks on what is essentially scented wax, we've spotted luxury candles in virtually every. single. one. of our Coveteur's homes. 

Le Labo:

Best-known as a devastatingly lavish French laboratory that specializes in custom-blends, Le Labo is best known for their Santal 26, a super sophisticated, smoky scent with hints of leather. On the other end of the spectrum, their Figue 15 is sweet yet slightly smoky, and not at all cloying. Coveteur Lesley Arfin's a fan, while Yale Breslin's also given the thumbs up to their Le Labo x Laundress detergent.


Let’s just call this the most ubiquitous luxury candle brand in the homes of our Cov-alums. It pretty much makes an appearance in every Coveteur’s abode; besides, once it’s run out, you can easily turn it into a fancy container for your makeup brushes a la Chrissie Miller or a pencil holder like John Jannuzzi (both coming soon!) Two of our favorites, Baies and Roses, are on the sweeter side, with notes of roses and blackcurrant, and their namesake scents, respectively. Rumi Neely also has a full-blown case of Diptyque fever, calling it her "downfall". "Never sick of Baies, Figuier or Roses. I stock up at Candle Delirium on Santa Monica or Barney's in Beverly Hills." Similarly, you could take a note from Emily Schuman, who advises that during dinner parties, scented candles should remain lit in the bathroom, this coming from the girl who carries a mini Diptyque wick when traveling. 

Cire Trudon:

You can easily recognize this French brand whose packaging comes complete with gold labels stamped by the most historied champagne maker in all of France. Our current favorite, Balmoral, has earthy hints of mint, pinewood and sap balanced by lighter freesia. Their Mademoiselle de Valerie has notes of amber gris, rosewater and jasmine. Interview magazine’s president and Cov-alum, Dan Ragone, gave us his own recommendation: "The Enesto scented candles are all over my apartment. It’s an instant 'mood setter'. The scent is a waxy mix of leather and tobacco.

Tom Ford:

If you've ever even been near a Tom Ford counter, you know that his range of fragrances is one serious line-up, each one more delicious (and wallet-depleting) than the next. Neroli Portofino is floral and citrusy, with amber undertones that ground the fruitier notes, and reminds us of a tropical vacation. Tobacco Vanille smells like… a devastatingly handsome French man, candy, and cigarettes, in the very best way possible —these two scents give you the best of both worlds. 

Bond No. 9:

Bond's line of fragrances serves as a scented tribute to Manhattan —from Harlem to Park Avenue. Two of the most universally beloved scents, Nuits de Noho and Chelsea Flower both come in brightly hued glass jars, and are a favorite of Lori Levine. Pick up the Warhol-inspired scent if you feel like indulging in a high-school Edie Sedgwick fantasy.

Oscar de la Renta:

Is there anyone better equipped to dictate interior fragrance than Oscar de la Renta himself? Inspired by de la Renta's own home, both Narcissus and Orange are sweet yet heady, elegant scents that mimic the notes in his favorite flowers. Take it from Erika Bearman (aka @OscarPRGirl) herself —Oscar knows best.

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