90's Prada Campaigns

In Miuccia we trust.

From Chiqiuita Banana prints to Crayola-colored furs to automobile motifs, Miuccia Prada belongs to a breed of designer that has this amazing ability for knowing exactly what we want to wear, way before we ever do. For instance, would we have ever guessed that we'd find ourselves wanting to wear white fur dotted with cartoon-y red daises for spring? Sandals with flames shooting out the back? Dresses with post-apocalyptic beach-y prints and a chandelier overlay? Probably not, but somehow, Miuccia did. And while we've always pinned her prowess as a sartorial soothsayer on her ability to take the ultra-feminine and turn it into something strong and subversive, it turns out that it's really been her M.O. since the '90s.

And so, where better to look to for a testament to Miuccia's mastery than the campaigns that kicked it all off? The spreads, lensed by everyone from Peter Lindbergh to Steven Meisel and starring supermodels—you know, the real 90's kind of Christy Turlington, Angela Lindvall, Kristen McMenamy, Naomi Campbell, even future First-Madame-of-France Carla Bruni— range from sparse and moody to more playful and slightly surreal. And while we're only a little partial to Spring 1992's '60s Playboy Bunny vibes, as shot by Meisel, this is one occasion where we straight up refuse to play favorites.

 Dree Hemingway

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Natalie Joos

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Stephanie Lacava

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Tabitha Simmons

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Louise Roe

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Natalie Joos

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