A Very Coveteur Chrismukkah

We've made a list and checked it twice. (It's the holidays! We have free range to make all the lame references we want, okay?) While we know what we're asking for (just a croc CĂ©line Cabas Phantom or a 18K Cartier Juste un Clou, NBD), we were curious and wanted some inspiration to help us better get into the spirit of giving. So we consulted some of our favorite Coveteurs (including a few coming soon to a Coveteur near you) to find out what they want for Chrismukkah...beside their two front teeth.

We were overwhelmed with festive responses and the lists ranged from the simple to the super decadent. We heard wishes for everything from the godmothership of the royal baby (quite the request, P'Trique!) to vacays to Tulum, and even a new vacuum cleaner (Reason #999 why Kaley Cuoco made "The Nice List"). At the same time, there were plenty of fashion-minded requests: yellow McQueen sandals, to Dries pants and a Miu Miu fur stole among them.

We've put in a good word with Santa and our fingers are crossed for some of these picks making their way into the hands of our Coveteurs this holiday season. Regardless of what (or when) you celebrate, we're wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays and a happy New Year!



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