Run It Out with Adrianne Ho

Hitting the road with Ho.

Okay, couch potatoes, this one's for you. While we have to admit the claws of negative infinity temps have been dragging us straight into the comfort of our beds the second we clock in the work day, there's only so many news feeds to scroll and GIRLS episodes to watch before the lingering memory of treadmill-filled New Years resolutions past come back to haunt us. 

So good thing for us (and you), while we were sunning in the great St. Barths last month, our resident fitness guru, Adrianne Ho, decided to instill the will to run by taking us on daily fitness treks. At first we were skeptical of ditching our sangria for sneakers, but soon we came around. We mean, what better accessory is there than really, really great abs? Okay, other than a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli or a Céline nano something...

We digress. Our mission for today: the 10/10 Workout Plan - courtesy of non other than Ho's Sweat the Style. The moves? 

1 warm-up run around the block.

10 Mountain Climbers.

10 Squats.


And repeat... 10 times!

We know; so little words, so many movements. But we have faith. And, the best part? Ho's sage advice essentially tells us to go for brunch afterwards. "I indulge everyday but I don't see it as falling off the wagon. Enjoying good food is one of the greatest joys in life and you should never feel like you have to cut yourself off from that. It's just about finding a balance with exercise, portion size, and healthier alternatives that could be gluten-free, vegan, and all natural. Also educating yourself on finding better quality 'guilty pleasures' that you won't feel so guilty about and working out a little harder. I would rather workout everyday and eat what I want than stay still and not eat what I want." 

Amen to that, Ho! 

Hannah Bronfman

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