Anndra Neen's Beauty Cabinets

These sisters really are more than just a pretty face.

Who got the secrets on how the design duo behind Anndra Neen – Phoebe and Annette Stephens – stay looking, uh, freaking incredible? Duh! We did. Read on.

Favorite shampoo?

Phoebe Stephens: Russian Amber by Philip B. It smells amazing. You’re suppose to wash your hair once a week with it and your hair turns out smelling amazing and it makes your hair super great.

Favorite skin moisturizer?

Phoebe Stephens: African Shea Butter 100% Natural.

Annette Stephens: It costs like $5.00!

P.S.: It’s for the treatment of dry skin, minor burns, pain relief from swelling or arthritis, improves muscle relaxation, sunscreen, treats dark spots, massage – it does everything.

A.S.: … depression!

P.S.: …boyfriend! You actually just rub it in your hands, make it warm, and you put it all over. You can put it in your hair and on your face. It conditions, it’s sunscreen, it’s everything. We love it.

Favorite exfoliator?

A.S.: C.O. Bigelow Almond Body scrub. You put it on in the shower and it exfoliates.

P.S.: It’s oily and delicious. You almost don’t need to put on a cream after.

Favorite oil?

P.S.: Rodin Olio Lusso. It’s the best! I also have the body one, which I’m obsessed with. The smell is amazing! Before a date, it’s great. It has a dropper, and you use the slightest amount and put it on your hair.

Favorite perfume?

P.S.: I combine two scents: Tiempe Passate Antonia`s Flowers and Evody Fluer D’Orange.

Favorite secret weapon?

A.S.: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. It is amazing if you had a late or crazy night and you have to wake up early in the morning. You kind of spritz all over your face and it completely refreshes you and it’s great! 

Favorite lipstick?

A.S.: YSL Rouge Volupté Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in Peach Passion. It’s a smooth, silky lipstick and we both love it. It goes with everything! I wear it a lot.

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