Road Tripping with Ari Dein

Designer. New York

Let's play a little game of Where in the World is The Coveteur & #WCFDA, shall we? Our next stop is St. Petersburg, Russia, to tag along on designer Ari Shapiro of Ari Dein's inspiration trip... thanks to W Hotels and CFDA, of course!

It was Shapiro's Russian heritage that really drew her towards lingerie design, "A Russian costume designer who had invented the flat tutu with Balanchine was a significant inspiration to me and a major segue for me into intimate apparel. Karinska used to source fine laces and antiquated trims all over Europe, then hide them in the layers of tulle so only the ballerina would know that they were there. Before her, costume design was under developed as it's usually seen from a balcony far away. But Karisnka understood the relationship between the wearer and the details of her clothing."

And right off the bat, Dein found herself feeling inspired. "I was particularly inspired by the W Hotel St. Petersburg's interiors". After checking in, Jake, Ari and the crew were off to dinner at The Suitcase of the Pregnant Spy, followed up by a quick nightcap at Deer in Sweater. And what's a trip to Russia without taking in Anna Karenina at the Mariinsky Theater, followed by dinner at Monsarda, overlooking St. Isaac's Cathedral? After a good night's sleep and shaking off the jet lag in full, the crew spent a full day taking in the sights, from the Hermitage, to the Church of Spilt Blood and Tikhvin cemetery, followed by lunch at Tao. As Dein explained, "To experience the most interesting and opulent architectural elements of St. Petersburg, you have to go inside (just like a fabergé egg!)"

After a few more days of taking in the sights, including the Hermitage and Museum of Ethnography, Dein spoke on the Fashionomica Panel during Aurora Fashion Week, dishing on her experiences in the industry and the CFDA. She even managed to get some face-time with Cov-alum Miroslava Duma at Tsum (one of the most renowned luxury department store's in Russia) and pop by the Red Square before one last dinner in Russia. When asked how the trip would impact her upcoming collection, Dein was still finding herself transfixed by the W St. Petersburg itself, which Dein noted is "modeled after a faberge egg, as well as a hand painted porcelain made famous in Lomosonov. For a more literal design, I incorporated the geometric diamond pattern from both into a delicate lace. Expect to discover lots of hidden details throughout the spring collection." And with that, as Dein said, "Dasvedanya!"



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