Art Basel with Murakami's Creatures

Poolside with Murakami's furry friends, Lily Kwong, and Laura Brown. Got FOMO?

Flip through the pages of this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar and we seriously dare you not to freak out... or contemplate tearing out the sheets starring '90s supermodel Angela Lindvall and furry, fuzzy, oversized creatures.

Together, they hit up all of the usuals in sunny Los Angeles—Rodeo Drive, the streets of Beverly Hills, The Standard, and (of course) In n' Out. A little context: those slightly-creepy-slash-awfully-cute creatures? Straight from the mind of none other than artist Takashi Murakami and his new film, Jellyfish Eyes. For the somehow uninitiated (seriously?!) this isn't Murakami's first brush with the fashion world; he's the one behind those rainbow-printed Marc Jacobs-era Louis Vuitton bags. And you may have also seen his work in the homes of everyone from Ben Baller to Lisa Perry. Ring any bells?

When we found out we'd have the chance to spend an afternoon in Miami during Art Basel with monsters, we couldn't have been more excited for our own Murakami moment. Once they made it past the border (long story), we took over Soho Beach House for the afternoon and immediately got to bonding. With Kurage Bo (that would be the pastel pink one) and Luxor (the fuzzy Where the Wild Things Are-like one) in tow, we got straight to soaking up the sun, lounging by the pool, gazing at the palm trees, and sipping Mai-Tais (or some sort of "cheery" beverage of sorts). We even ran into model, Lily Kwong and Harper Bazaar's Laura Brown while we were there; oh, Basel... you never know who you'll find around there. We made Murakami magic and got a few puzzled looks from onlookers (seriously guys? It's Basel. You knew this was coming) while Luxor thumbed through the latest issue of Bazaar (a bit of a narcissist, that one) and Kurage Bo preened poolside. Brown even split one of those oversized sickeningly-sweet fruity drinks with Luxor because when in Miami, do as the Miami-ians do, right?



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