Laure Heriard Dubreuil's Guide to Bal Harbour

The Webster founder shares her Miami favorites, complete with go-to juice bars & prime pool-hopping (because, duh).

You might have noticed that we kind of have a thing for, uh, travel: whether it be for work, play, whatever. And there are more than a few destinations that are worthy of a return visit—as in, going back again and again and again. We just. Can’t. Get. Enough. One such place is Miami and its environs, because, like, with the beach nearby, plenty of world class shopping and eating and drinking (so pretty much everything we find remotely interesting) and one pretty well known art fair (maybe you’ve heard of it?), there’s a whole lot to love. Thing is, you need to know where to look. ‘Cause Miami is one of those places where you could end up at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort (glittering pool and fresh fish tacos for days) or a Spring Breaker-ready motel (dub step-blasting neighbors and questionably clean bedding) based on a single wrong turn.

So when we booked our latest tickets for a little Floridian R&R (we’re not retirees yet, but we swear we get close to resembling them sometimes), we called up our friend Laure Heriard Dubreuil, the founder and CEO of our personal shopping mecca, The Webster. (She also happens to know Miami like the back of her Parisian, diamond-enhanced hand.)

We caught up with Heriard Dubreuil at Bal Harbour Shops, which we'll admit pretty much ended up being our HQ for the week, and she quickly got into full tour guide mode, starting, of course, with her new Bal Harbour Webster outpost. All of our old friends were there to join us: from Céline to Aurelie Bidermann to those please-sir-can-we-have-some-more CHANEL Lego clutches. Between showing us iPhone shots of her newborn (as adorable and cashmere-swaddled as you would both hope and expect), she took us to all of her favorite local spots, from Stella McCartney and Fendi (just, you know, your run of the mill shopping excursion) to our new favorite bookstore Books & Books and fellow Canadian beauty source, Gee Beauty. We capped it all off with lunch at Carpaccio, Heriard Dubreuil’s go-to spot, where she dished some more on the many places we should hit up while in town. If you’re about to Google “flights to Miami” (we’re right there with you), click through for not-so-touristy tips from the city's very best guide. Spoiler alert: her pool-hopping tips are tops, with nary a Spring Breaker magnet in the bunch.



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