Barbie's 5 Favorite Things

You know, besides all pink everything.

Seeing as Barbie was pretty much our very first foray into fashion—we mean, who else are we supposed to look to as a four-year-olds with a closets full of hand-me-downs and ruffled dresses?—we figure she can still lend us a bit of savvy when it comes to, well, the finer things in life. After all, the plastic doll, she of the Malibu dream house and everything, really does know how to live. 

But besides all pink everything, Barbie’s necessities are pretty, well, extravagant. Then again, why shouldn’t she have it all—we are talking about the woman who’s embarked on a whopping 130 careers in her lifetime (from President to “newborn baby doctor”—not even joking). And when we think about the size of our childhood Barbies’ own wardrobes, even our most excessive Cov-alums would have trouble competing. With that in mind, then, we guess that including her driver on her list of must-haves makes total sense. 

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