On The Spot

How to hold on to a little bit of last night's debauchery (starring BareMinerals).

Let's set the scene for you, shall we? You wake up with approximately less than ten minutes before you need to be wherever—work, school, the comfort of your own bed rather than a stranger's. And while we're really not here to judge your choices or whereabouts, may we instead offer up a little (hard-earned) advice from someone who's been there? While we're sure you've got it in your heads by now that tossing a travel-sized pack of face-cleansing wipes inside your clutch is a good idea, there's something about the immaculate messiness of morning-after eye makeup that can be almost painful to wipe away. Our answer? After wiping off last night's dirt and debris from your face (because unlike eyeliner, morning-after foundation and concealer just doesn't have quite the same effect), pull out a few bareMinerals On-The-Spot Makeup Remover Swabs.

Each little swab is filled with a super gentle liquid remover that once snapped open, allows you to expertly wipe away whatever liner leftovers you have with the cotton ends. Or better yet, use it to shape your remaining eyeliner into a smudgy-smoky cat eye before brunching with your friends attempting to recall last night's activities. We also like using these during those seemingly endless work days, where after being stuck at the office until late, we find ourselves maniacally attempting to fix our faces in a cab before a dinner. Admit it, we've all been there. Plus, the remover itself is formulated with super soothing Vitamin E and aloe, meaning no stinging trails of tears after use. We suggest throwing a few inside the little pack that your face wipes come in so you don't need to tote around the entire package. And for those of you scoffing that you could just as easily dunk any old cotton  swab into a bottle of remover for similar results—when was the last time you actually brought that entire set-up out with you somewhere? Our thoughts exactly.

Okay, now for the bad news:  So a few days ago, after a long road-trip from Dallas to Houston (it's like Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, right?), we popped by the bareMinerals store. We searched for our little stick figure friends only to be told he would be taking a leave of absence  The horror! We debated calling up Leslie Blodgett, CEO of Bare Essentuals (the mother brand of bareMinerals, FYI) with our desperate plea to stop the madness and keep our faces' bff on the shelves. Trust us, guys: once you give these little magic makers a try you'll be next in line the sign this petition. Oh, and did we mention they're only $5 a pop? For the price of a greasy Big Mac you can have little trace of last night's debauchery...and we all know that's worth a lot! 

So, we ask you to join us on a mission to keep our little lifesavers around. Blodgett, if you're reading this (and we pray you are!), we beg you to keep bareMinerals On-The-Spot Makeup Remover Swabs around. (Insert us on our knees begging with puppy eyes here.)

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