Barneys Beauty Hall

You'll never guess who got a serious makeover. New York

There's nothing quite like the bounce in your step that a new nail varnish on your vanity, or a shiny new lipstick in the bottom of your Alexander Wang can impart. You know that feeling that a spritz behind the ears of that brand new Byredo fragrance, or a few dabs of By Terry's Light Expert gives you on an otherwise unremarkable day?

Enter Barneys New York's seriously stunning new beauty department, The Foundation. The story behind that name? Barneys New York CEO Mark Lee put it best, saying, “It’s literally the foundation of our store, but we also know that cosmetics, skincare and fragrance are often the foundations of our customers’ days. These products are the first things they use in the morning.” See what we mean?

Fast forward to our sneak peeks (!) of both of the recently revamped beauty departments in both their Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills flagship stores, in collaboration with the team at Steven Harris Architects. The Beverly Hills store (fittingly) got a serious face lift—including an addition of 8,000 square feet (read: 8,000 times the mascara, blush and lipstick). As for the New York flagship? The renovated floor adds over 1,000 square feet. Oh, and did we mention you can now skip your usual salon and spa and just head straight to Barneys after buying a new Balenciaga? Look no further than the new B3 Barneys Blow Bar by Valery Joseph, a full-service hair salon; or the Mila Moursi Skincare Institute for all your blackhead-banishing needs.

We were practically giddy as Barneys Beauty Guru Jason Ascher gave us the grand tour, making our way through rows upon rows of shiny Bobbi Brown lip glosses, immaculate Givenchy eye shadow quads, never-before-spritzed Diptyque fragrances. After all, well, you know how we feel about a good make-over. Clueless, anyone?



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