Bazaar Does Basel

McQueen and Murakami go even better together than we thought.

The only thing better than shopping is shopping after a few drinks. The damage to your credit card is insurmountable, but the, uh, memories are forever… at least that’s what we tell ourselves when our Amex bill comes.

After taking Laure Heriard Dubreuil’s Art Basel advice and hitting up the gallery circuits, peeping the “art” (we’re quickly learning that anything from a used Q-Tip to a plastic pastel popsicle fits the bill) and going from after party to after-after party, we made our way to ShopBAZAAR’s perfect pop-up shop at the Soho Beach House. Albeit this is our first Art Basel experience, – yes, we’re admittedly Basel virgins – we plowed through that place like pros putting our signature touch on the goods… and subsequently checking out with a few items in hand on the way out. Let’s be real, you would too.

The space is filled with furry friends and familiar faces from Takashi Murakami’s clique, all displayed with the backdrop of pop art masterpieces. And it’s almost too surreal to see the Balmain and Binns that we browsed in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar on the plane, magically appear in real-life and dripping off the edges of books and blue bottles of Acqua di Parma. ShopBAZAAR’s managed to curate an ideal space over-flowing with arty pieces that you can sub in when the gallery girl at the after-party gives you some side-eye or that skinny blonde b*tch shows up at the V Magazine event carrying the same Valentino studded bag; it’s basically your go-to outpost for emergency shopping throughout the week (repeat after us: “I will not repeat my outfit, I will not repeat my outfit”) and the I-need-the-Marant-sneakers-in-another-color type spending sprees.

So after getting a bit boozied up from the free bubbly at the gallery down the street (the milkshake that brings all the art kids to the yard), stumble over to do some shopping. Just please, don’t hold us accountable when that credit card statement comes next month; we’re not responsible for dollars dropped under the influence, guys.



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