Best of Black and White


Gun to our head, if we had to pick two colors to live in for the rest of our lives—well, let’s just say we’d be happy for the wardrobe simplification. Black and white. Done and done.

Inspired by the likes (loves) of Emmanuelle Alt and her fellow Parisienne editors, we’ve been hooked on the understated elegance of monochrome lately. And considering a significant chunk of our favorite things fall into the category (Oreos, The ArtistJamie King in this Marc Jacobs dress, Converse, guys in tuxes, we could go on), our own black-and-white ensemble obsession is really just a logical extension.

Classic and clean (until your morning sprint-with-latte, that is), the stark contrast adds some interest to our usual black-on-black-on-black uniform—you laugh, but we know you’re guilty of it too. Even the simplest of black-and-white combos look like they’ve been mulled over all morning (psych!), and flipping patterns into grayscale breathes new life into favorites like geometrics, houndstooth and animal prints—you thought leopard was a neutral? Let us introduce you to cow print.

And of course, there’s the simple and streamlined black-and-white stripes and [no]-color-blocking (this stunner of a Rachel Roy jacket, for instance). Thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, the monochrome stripe done right is one of our most coveted minimalist-yet-statement-making secrets. That myth they’re unflattering? Total BS when paired with the right silhouette.

And if you’re wary of employing too much Beetlejuice/mime action, a geometric twist on the black-and-white stripe (throwback to Alexander Wang Spring 2013) looks more high fashion and less Halloween. Take a page from the book of Wang and throw a little laser-cut leather and lucite into the mix to highlight the two-tone palette.

Currently on the B&W wish list (also known as sitting in Shopbop shopping cart purgatory)? These Vena Cava high-waisted shorts as spotted in Kelly Oxford’s closet and on Kristen Wiig’s legs, and this Elizabeth and James mix-print dress in contrasting knit patterns. MK and A, if you’re reading this...

Miroslava Duma

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Kate Davidson Hudson

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Claire  Distenfeld

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Kelly Oxford

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Jaime King

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Rachel Roy

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