Birkin Graffiti

So why are we scribbling Sharpies all over $10,000 bags again?

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We really try to uphold the notion that fashion goes beyond just the seemingly frivolous, glossy sheen that it sometimes lets on. Seriously—don't make us have a Devil Wears Prada cerulean speech moment on you. That said, there is one fairly vacuous issue consuming the community-at-large, and it's one that we're aiming to tackle today: the should-you-how-dare-you debate surrounding all things Hermès graffiti. 

We didn't have to look much further than our very own Cov-alums to illustrate the two sides of this debate: take Tina Craig and Lori Levine, for instance. Craig, whose Hermès collection expands into the dozens, and who told us, "My Birkins and Kelly bags are masterpieces, so why would I desecrate them? You wouldn’t take a Picasso painting and cover it in graffiti. I would never mark up one of my Hermès bags intentionally." As for Levine? "One day my friend, Nicholas Forker, a very talented fine artist, found [my Birkin's] box and said, 'why don’t you ever use this?' I handed him a black Sharpie and said, 'you know what I like, use this bag as a canvas and go nuts.' He took it for a week and came back with what is now a totally unique, amazing, and one-of-a-kind work of art." Yeah, you can likely see how things get sticky from here, right?

While the most now-notorious grafitti'd Birkin belongs to none other than Kim Kardashian, whose Hermès was marked-up by one George Condo; she's not exactly the only one to incite a near-riot-worthy reaction to a little Sharpie handiwork. From Nicola Formichetti (who masterminded that you saw Gaga toting all those years ago) to jewelry designer Lynn Ban's Birkin, marked-up by graffiti artists Mint and Serf we can only assume the intended purpose of marking up a $10,000 (and then some) bag is eliciting a reaction, which, well, is almost guaranteed.

And in the case of Moda Operandi's Travis W. Simon-striped Birkin, it's good enough for LSD... 

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