Bling Ring-Worthy Beauty

A look worth stealing (pun intended).

Okay. Can we just say that we've been crossing off the days on our calendar (or iCal, whatever) ever since that we heard that the director responsible for some of our favourite films (like, ever) was working on a feature inspired by the girls from Pretty Wild and circa-2008 Los Angeles? A few marathon Netflix viewings of the show (for the uninitiated, skip to 0:33—it's kind of must-see TV) and one obsessive-trailer-watching habit later, and we think we're well-enough equipped to break down the beauty of The Bling Ring.

Similar to Spring Breakers, (seriously, where's the third film to round-out the bad-girls-do-it-well trifecta?) the film features flawed female characters and a kind of ummatched visual resonance that somehow perfectly aligns with the rest of Sofia Coppola's oeuvre, while exploring entitlement, excess and Paris Hilton's closet. So why not get into character at least a little? You bring the Juicy sweats and bandage dresses, we'll bring the beauty products. The look? Tightly-lined eyes, glossy pink lips, flushed cheeks (it's that adrenaline rush), and flat-iron, poker-straight hair.

For lips, we like NARS' Angelika Lip Gloss, a slightly sheer, cool bubble-gum pink (to slick on while reminiscing about getting into Teddy's with your fake ID during its hey-day). If you'd rather channel the darker, more red-y lip Emma Watson wears in the trailer, we like Dior Addict's Stiletto; its a deeper rouge with a little sheen to match the bottoms of your (er, someone else's?) Louboutins.

While we'd typically prefer a liquid liner, Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil allows for a little smudging to create that perfect kind of lived-in messiness, without veering too far into full-blown smoky eye territory or wearing off during your exhausting trial. Taking a shade like Smoke, a dark grey, or Perversion, a matte jet-black, and carefully line your top lid, drawing as closely to the lash line as possible. Wing it out and make the line a tiny bit thicker as you get to the outer corners. Then take the pencil just along the outer third of your bottom lash line—any further and your eyes will lose the whole wide-eyed descent into debauchery effect—and smudge slightly with your pinky or a cotton swab. Finish your eyes off with a few coats of CHANEL's Inimitable Mascara in Noir, which gives both volume and length. Plus, thanks to its waterproof formula, you can bet your Balenciaga City that when you're ringing up Nancy Jo Sales, that sh*t won't so much as budge once you've managed to turn on the waterworks.

For cheeks, we like Bobbi Brown's Brightening Brick, which a more subtle take on her classic Shimmer Brick. It gives off a pretty flush when applied with a big, fluffy brush. It won't give you quite the same glow that waltzing out of Paris Hilton's home with half a million worth of merchandise would, but it's kind of close enough. (Results may vary, thought.)

As any brunette knows, it's requires a little bit of elbow grease to maintain any shade deeper than dishwasher brown. However, a little gloss can take faded hair and give new life to day-old blow-outs; enter: Serge Normant's Meta Sheer Oil Finishing Spray. Lightly mist this stuff over your hair for a super shiny (but not-at-all greasy) mane.

And… voila! Got your Google Maps ready? Let's go shopping, bitches.

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