Bobbi Brown

Bring it, BB! The best of fall beauty, with a little help from our friends at Bobbi Brown.

Say what you want about September; while it means having to say a slow, teary goodbye to Montauk hangs and subsequent lobster rolls, there's just something about the entire month that never fails to give us instant back-to-school vibes. You know, a renewed sense of "lets-get-sh*t-done." It doesn't exactly hurt to go into battle with a pretty face, and so when we wound up at Bobbi Brown HQ to preview their new fall goodies, we had a sneaky feeling that their make-up magicians would have just the stuff to suit our re-adjusted attitudes.

The first of the three looks? Navy and nude. Navy is the new black, kids. Using shades from Bobbi's Navy & Nude eye palette, we were shown how to work the shimmery, champagne-y shades to highlight eyes, while concentrating navy shadow towards the corner and lashline. The key here is blending; invest in one of those good brushes - it's worth it.

The second look, while understated, gave us a serious case of the gimme-gimmes. The culprit? The Rich Chocolate eye palette, which is basically Bobbi Brown's take on those palettes that quite literally have virtually every shade of neutral shadow you could ever possibly want. The team expertly demonstrated how to contour our eyes using the seven shades and a swoop of the brand's gel liner in Dark Chocolate; BB's gel liner is legitimately next-level in terms of staying power, BTW.

Finally, the BB team gave us a third look which brought together the best of both worlds: smoked-out, Bardot-y lashes and glowing, clean skin. Ideal, right? The key here is a light layer of their new Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation (which, if you couldn't glean from it's apt name, is a new breed of foundation that actually hydrates while you wear). Add a few coats of their Smokey Eye Mascara and you got yourselves some sweetly, sultry doe eyes.

Now, who's down for a good make-over montage?


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