Breakfast With Miguel


If our breakfast with Grammy-winning R&B artist Miguel was a little slow to start (Miguel had been pAArtying celebrating all night after his show in Toronto), we soon realized this was only a monentary lapse. Once dressed and ready, Miguel took a seat and sat down for breakfast and it was nothing short of a whirlwind. Between bites of his standard breaky - omelet with veggies and fruit on the side, tons o’ ketchup - he took us through his small but highly edited closet-on-the-road and we soon realized that Miguel takes his style very seriously. Spiked creepers with customized laces, fedoras, skinny leather pants (from H&M!!!) and the sickest leather jacket we had ever laid our eyes on (“I can’t live without it!” he said) are all part of his signatures. 

While he munched down on his meal, we chatted with Miguel about the first designer piece he ever bought: a Tommy Hilfiger windbreaker… you know the one. “It was a pullover, with the big red/blue logo and it said Tommy Hilfiger everywhere!” he told us. When asked if he wore the matching skullcap, Miguel quickly laughed it off. “No – I didn’t go that far… thankfully!”

Tommy Hilfiger-past long and buried, today, Miguel’s style is being compared to other gender-bending non-conformist artists like David Bowie and Prince, with his sound being likened to his contemporaries like Frank Ocean and the Weeknd, but we think he sums it up better than anyone else: "It’s fly, funkadelic, intergalactic-hip-hop-meets-sexy-orgasmic crazy, dope shit.” Yeah, sounds about right.

PS: Watch his Grammy-winning video for "Adorn" here. (Did you see him kill it live last night? EPIC.)

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