Brow Down

Meet Anastasia Soare, the woman behind the brows of Madonna, Oprah and Kim Kardashian. Yes, really.

Lets be real. Full, shapely and well-groomed brows is virtually the easiest, most foolproof way we can think of to look instantly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed... and to cut to the chase, instantly prettier, too. And who better to turn to on all matters of achieving Cara Delevigne-status arches than Anastasia Soare, who's maintained the brows of everyone from Oprah to Madonna and Kim Kardashian? Yeah, exactly. 

So let's say you weren't quite blessed with brows that can stand on their own, and are slightly more on the, um, sparse side of the eyebrow spectrum. When we consulted Soare, she filled us in (pun intended, our apologies). "The best products to make your brows appear bolder and fuller are found in my Brow Genius Kit. You can design and fill a bold and dramatic waterproof brow that lasts and lasts. This is my new favorite kit to use on clients who are looking for long-wearing makeup for events, being outdoors, or just a long day at the office. It looks natural and adds texture that mimics the look of real brow hair." Not sold yet? When it comes to matters of maintenance, Soare assured us that we don't need to head to the salon every time there's an arrant hair slightly out of place, "The Brow Kit has everything you need to maintain your brows at home. Simply find the stencil shape that best compliments your features and sculpt and define your perfectbrows! I give them to all of my clients to maintain their eyebrows in between salon visits." Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but you can't really deny—girl gives good 'brow.

As for filling in your eyebrows (which we can totally get can be at time intimidating), Soare advised, "I live by the two-shade rule. If you have dark hair, always use a shade on your brows that’s one to two shades lighter than your hair color. If you are blonde, always use a shade that is one to two shades darker than your hair color. This way, the brows will add definition to the face without overpowering your features." And as for the Sophie's Choice of brows—powder or pencil? Soare was nothing but diplomatic, saying, "It depends on what look I am going for! My Brow Powder Duo and Clear Brow Gel always add a dramatically soft look, while a skinny brow pencil like Brow Wiz is perfect for creating precise lines and filling. Typically, I use them together on a client to add dimension and boldness to my clients’ brows.  It’s the perfect combination for a really natural effect." Got that? Now go forth with filled-in brows!

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