Get Your Butt #Belfie Ready

The fitness gurus at modelFIT coach us to a Jen Selter-level behind.

When it comes to getting ourselves Lisa-Marie-Fernandez-neoprene-bikini-ready (we love you, summer, but this level of physical exposure can get a little stressful), we like to target those specific, well, areas. Thanks to Mary Helen Bowers over at Ballet Beautiful, we’ve totally got our tummies crop top ready (so long as you forget our weekend-long BBQ binges). But scrolling through our Instagram feeds as of late (you know, in all that spare time when we’re not sweating it out at the gym), we’ve started to notice one, well, glaring body part that really can’t be ignored, because as much as we’re thinking we should be getting our butts bikini-ready, we’re starting to realize that what we should really be worrying about is whether or butts are primed for #belfies.

Yes, really. Thanks to everyone from Kim Kardashian to Hannah Bronfman, (as altogether weird as this sounds) butts have officially taken center stage (get it?!). While we’re thinking we could use a lesson from one of these #belfie experts (we mean, no one really does the butt selfie/#squatspo shot better than the one and only Jen Selter), but first things first, guys. ‘Cause as good as one might be at aiming one’s iPhone in the most flattering angle possible, we all know that the actual butt has to come before the #belfie.

So we thought we’d better call up the experts on all things long and lean and modelesque: Justin Gelband and Vanessa Packer, the genius fitness and nutrition gurus behind modelFIT—a.k.a. the home training ground of Karlie Kloss, Anne V. and Candice Swanepoel, among other lithe frames. Let’s just say, their body of work is impressive (har har). In an effort to literally whip our butts into shape, we asked Gelband and Packer to give us the basics on keeping one's derrière in check. And while we probably won’t be #belfie-ing anytime soon, you can bet our butts will look effing amazing in eensie-weensie bikini bottoms.


What muscles need to be worked out to tone the butt?

"With our modelFIT workout we focus on all the small ‘forgotten’ muscles that surround the butt and upper thigh. We like to work on sculpting those so we pull up and tighten for a sculpted derrière."   


What other muscles affect that area or help to keep the butt in check? 

"Definitely the upper thigh muscles and the lower abs. Use applied functional science to work in three planes of motion to work your muscles in all angles. This helps to sculpt and lean out for a proportioned figure that complements a women’s natural build."


What are other important activities to consider? 

"Stretching, low impact cardio and mindful exercise are all important activities for achieving the look and feel you want."


Are there particular diets you’d advise for one to consider when focusing on bikini body fitness?

"Absolutely; diet is essential for achieving long lasting sustainable results. We advise everyone to stay away from processed foods and refined sugars. We emphasis organic food, wholesome grains, healthy fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Balance is the key. You don’t want to overdue it on either side. Enjoy life, forgive yourself, exercise regularly and eat a wholesome balanced diet. Meditation can work wonders too."


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