Seeing the Light

Kind of like Photoshop's Magic Wand... only for your face.

Aside from its capacity to cause nasty cases of sudden-onset FOMO, if there's one real drawback to Instagram, it's that sometimes those filters are just a little too flattering. As in, sometimes we're not all that sure that we actually look that good IRL. Enter By Terry's Light Expert, which is essentially a jumbo-sized, loaded foundation brush, and is about as close to Photoshop's Magic Wand as you'll get outside of a computer.

Light Expert can be summed up as, for lack of a better phrase, our own little anti-everything antidote; it's the "anti-blemish, anti-dullness, anti-shadow" foundation. Oversized enough to easily control the amount of pressure and product you want to apply, Light Expert's click-pen top dispenses product into a flat foundation brush; one that just so happens to be completely dummy-proof. We know how daunting fancy foundation brushes can be, never mind heavy, full-face foundation formulas. And that's exactly where Light Expert accomplishes the impossible: amazing coverage that's somehow still as light as a tinted moisturizer, while leaving you looking fresh and dewy. The pen packaging also evades the possibility of nasty in-bag explosions; though we do wish the formula came in deeper and darker shades that fit an entire range of skintones.

In short? We no longer fear living in the shadow of our own selfies.

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