The Morning of CHANEL Cruise with Razane Jammal

Actress. Dubai

Let’s be real and just admit that when a CHANEL show is on the horizon, there’s really nothing to do for the entirety of the day leading up to said show but prepare, both mentally and sartorially. It's kind of exactly like the day of your prom, where it somehow takes six hours just to do your hair and get into your dress and find the perfect glitter eye shadow (we totally went with turquoise-y sparkly stars, BTW). And like all prep—or, as they like to call it in the biz, H&MU—it’s just way more fun to get ready with friends (of course, a glass or, um, bottle of Pinot Grigio never hurts, either), which is why we got just a little giddy over the prospect of getting CHANEL-ified (yes, we're making it a verb) with Lebanese actress Razane Jammal.

And while a CHANEL show is a grand enough occasion on it's own, for a CHANEL show in Dubai, the capital of quite literally all thing extravagant (although extravagant doesn’t really even begin to do a city of 7 star hotels justice), a basic blow out and some mascara simply will  not do. No, getting prepped for a CHANEL show (and this is just to sit in the front row, never mind the models actually walking the runway) requires a full day of the aforementioned mental preparation—and yes, sunning oneself poolside totally counts, especially when wearing a full CHANEL swimming costume. (We mean, guys, this is not your average bathing suit—this getup is like the little black jacket of swimwear. Trust.)

And seriously, what better way to get in the proverbial CHANEL sprit than to accompany Jammal as she hunted for the pitch perfect look for that evening’s festivities (read: it involved the actress playing dress up with just about every spring season CHANEL look we’ve been haunting boutiques and magazine stands hoping to catch a glimpse of). As Jammal experienced first hand (we’re living vicariously with you, guys), when CHANEL’s got your back, nary an expense is spared when it comes to general glamification (you know what we mean). So as we flipped through Jammal’s L’OFFICIEL cover story, she got the full treatment—and yes, we’re talking top to toe here, ‘cause Karl wouldn’t stand for anything less. It's all in a CHANEL day’s work, kids.



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