CHANEL Cruise 2015 Dubai

CHANEL Does Dubai: Cruise 2015

Jumeirah Beach Park. Dubai

If we didn't know better than to allow our momentary (and only occasional, promise) delusions get to us, we could almost swear that there's a bug planted in The Coveteur HQ. Hear us out! We mean, first Dallas, now Dubai—what are the chances that CHANEL would just so happen show in two of our favorite (well-documented and alliterative) homes-away-from-home?

Okay, so we kid, we kid (kind of). And while it was awfully tempting to dwell on the feasibility of a storied fashion house surveilling our travel plans, rather than obsess, we made the executive decision to hop on the next Emirates flight (not to brag or anything, but the #PodLife isn't a bad one) to the City of Gold as soon as we got word of the show. And since we've touched down, we've hit up a handful of the completely surreal, larger-than-life landmarks indigenous to Dubai. From water parks with Cov-alum Soo Joo Park (#comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou—and guys, there was a GoPro involved) to their expansive shopping centres, we're not going to lie: there's nothing quite like the anticipation for a CHANEL show, you guys.

Fast forward to the evening of the show, where, after making our way via water taxi from Jumeirah Beach Park to a small and remote island (yes, you're reading that correctly), we waltzed into a veritable all-ivory-everything palace, packed with palm trees and plenty of cushioned seating. While sipping on gilded cups of Arabic coffee, we made a concerted effort to make front row eye contact with Tilda Swinton, Dakota Fanning and Vanessa Paradis before the show began.

And oh, did it begin. We sat and watch transfixed, as everyone from Lindsey Wixson to Joan Smalls, Malaika Firth and little Hudson Kroenig stalked by in a whirlwind of '70s-inflected silhouettes, oversized pailettes (which also adorned the models' eyes, BTW), intricate embroidery, full heads of fluffy, teased-out curls and prints (on prints on prints). We won't lie: from juxtaposing ruffled harem pants with the brand's signature tailored tweeds to strappy midi-heel disco sandals with regal bejeweled headwear, it was fascinating to see how the show's locale factored into the collection, too. And should you worry that Uncle Karl is abandoning his whole recent tongue-in-cheek trompe l'oeil thing, don't fret: there were more than enough quilted leather faux-gasoline canister bags and jumbo pearl clutches to go around. After all—when in Dubai, right?



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