CHANEL Automne-Hiver 2014/2015

Grand Palais. Paris

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to take the mundane—namely, mayonnaise and plastic cling-wrap—spin it on its head and leave us with what will likely be the most talked-about show of fashion month.

While Lagerfeld has transformed the Grand Palais into everything from double-C emblazoned glaciers to a grown-up merry-go-round, in our humble opinion, nothing quite tops creating a full-scale supermarket, complete with aisles of logo-covered crackers and green beans (excuse us, haricots verts). Even the shopping carts and wire baskets got the CHANEL treatment, being covered in the 2.55's signature chain-strap.

While we don't mean to speak for Uncle Karl, we're willing to wager that much like Jeremy Scott's first runway show over at Moschino, Lagerfeld is attempting to subvert the rapid consumption of luxury goods—whether by digital shopping cart clicks or vis-à-vis Instagram—in a way that would have surely deigned Warhol's seal of approval. After all, it takes—nay, requires—a certain vision to take an incredibly historied couture house and make a sweeping statement on conspicuous consumption and the fast fashion cycle. But while Scott toed the increasingly fine line between surreal camp and démodé, Lagerfeld managed to retain all of the refinement and classic signatures of CHANEL and instead take them to their most logical extreme. All of the ladies-who-lunch tweed jackets were there, only the tweed was also used to oversized sunglasses. The classic quilted little black bag made an appearance, only it was covered in neon supermarket stickers and sealed in a plastic bag. See what we mean? Either all of that, or, you know, his intake of daily Diet Cokes is wearing a little thin.

But seriously, leave it to Lagerfeld to create Paris Fashion Week's most Instagrammable moment—which, as we know all too well, is increasingly taking central importance—as he took his final walk-through with none other than Cara Delevingne. Lets just say we never expected to come away from PFW with renewed passion for grocery shopping, okay?!

Clean-up in Aisle No. 5!



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