CHANEL Joaillerie

Up-close-and-personal with CHANEL Joaillerie. Paris

The black, the white, the pearls… some things are better left unchanged. As The CoveTour de France approaches the finish line, it seems fitting to end our CHANEL-a-thon at 18 Place Vendôme, the lavish space of CHANEL Joaillerie. It’s a majestic place that culminates all the elements of Coco Chanel’s legacy at retail level. Opened in '97 and re-designed by the one-and-only Peter Marino a decade later, it’s blooming with Coco’s camellia flower, sparkling with crystals and a custom chandelier, glistening with golden wheat, adorned with animal artifacts and luxed out with lacquered surfaces. Sound familiar? Every inch of CHANEL Joaillerie is a nod to Coco and her infamous abode at 31 Rue Cambon, which is a mere step from the store. There’s that certain je ne sais quoi—that “inescapable air of Coco,” as we call it—which overwhelms you as you walk from her apartment to her private residence at The Ritz to the Joallerie at the Place Vendôme. We got those very same chills we felt when we toured her apartment; the intimate touches of Coco recreate an inexplicable moment of magic, which perfectly captures the spirit and essence of CHANEL’s legacy. It’s an allure that continued to leave us breathless. The Joaillerie is an enchanting place, which dedicates itself to preserving the traditions of CHANEL and the classics Coco created. Staying true to the iconic black-and-white aesthetic, it’s filled with fresh takes on Coco’s staples, embracing her innovative philosophies with an updated twist. Coco was all about functional and fashionable – an attitude the masters at Massaro have embraced whole-heartedly, as well. Never one for a clasp, the modern-day take on Coco’s signature pearl necklaces and bracelets allows for a playful rendition of a convertible classic. And you know we had to ask the million-dollar question: Where did this obsession with pearls come from? Legend has it, Coco loved the contrast of pearls against tanned skin and their ability to light up a women's face, making her teeth whiter and eye's twinkle. Also, she strongly believed that there was nothing like the “easy beauty” of white pearls on a black dress. (To which we say, amen!) As for the rest of the pieces, there was an interconnectedness of ideas, which transcended time and trends. The Premiere watch, which debuted back in the '80s has an octagonal face that was inspired by the shape of the Place Vendôme and the cap of the CHANEL N°5 perfume. Iconic pieces like the Premiere and J12 watch exemplify everything we love about CHANEL – a legendary brand, which defines luxury and lasting power.


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