CHANEL Paris-Bombay Collection

Metiers d'Art. Paris

Can somebody pinch us? From the couture salon to Coco Chanel’s infamous apartment at “31 Rue Cambon,” it’s been a whirlwind week for les filles (et le garçon, Jake!) of The Coveteur in Paris... to say the least! Every woman who has ever worn couture (this includes Canadian royalty, Mrs. Suzanne Rogers) and Coco, herself (duh!) has set foot in this historical—not to mention, haute—place. As out-of-the-closet CHANEL worshippers, you can imagine our excitement when a perfectly printed invitation to the Métiers d'Art appeared in our hands. A little Fashion 101 for all of you still scratching your heads – way back in ’97, which seems like forever ago to us fashion people, CHANEL bought seven workshops (Desrues, Lemarié, Lesage, Massaro, Michel, Goossens and Guillet) who are responsible for the exceptional expertise behind the luxe label. Thus, the annual show is Uncle Karl’s triumphant tribute to those gifted craftspeople that make CHANEL happen. Channeling “Paris-Bombay,” Lagerfeld was able to do what only he, the Kaiser, could… take us on a magic carpet ride to the Rajasthan, without going too literal on us and keeping that chic CHANEL signature, which we love. We certainly found our happy place (or should we say, palace?) in Paris! The Coveteur was first (yes, first!) to view the collection the following morning and let us say, we haven’t experienced an ice storm like that since Jen Brill's crib. And it was all in the details: Henna-printed handbags (and gloves!), beaded bibs, endless strands of Coco-approved pearls and more. The attention to detail and celebration of the hardworking heroes behind-the-scenes certainly did not go unnoticed and had us henna tattooing each other with Sharpie’s après the show. (No, seriously, though.) Attending the Grand Palais presentation was one thing, but seeing Karl’s fantastically-futuristic work of art in the flesh, morning after styles, was a whole other story. And, yes, if you’re wondering... we most definitely walked Coco’s legendary spiral staircase. If we could, we’d click our gold glittery boots and go back. The CoveTour de France is complete... and so is our lives! Stay tuned...


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Natalie Joos

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