CHANEL Première Watch

24 hours in Paris playing with CHANEL's Première watches.

Between hitting up the atelier and taking in their apocalyptic couture show, you'd think we'd have had no time to see the sights during
#TheCoveTourdeFrance with CHANEL. But when the house offered us a day
to tour Paris accompanied by their Première watches, we suddenly found
a little time in our schedules to test-drive some of the latest
offerings from the house that Coco built.

After a quick jaunt around Le Meurice (a hotel where both Coco spent
many a day and night), we headed down la rue to Librarie Galignani,
one of the oldest bookstores in Europe; where we, no lie, just so
happened to bump into Uncle Karl while shooting around the store. What
are the chances, right? Afterwards it was to the Place Vendôme, a city
square with some serious historical significance for Coco. Case in
point? The Première watch itself, which gets its octagonal face shape
from the shape of Vendôme (as does the bottle stopper of CHANEL N°5). After a
quick cappuccino (CHANEL in hand, er, on wrist) at Le Castiglione, we
were feeling just a little faim—and when in Paris, where better than
Ladurée and Angelina? After doing dessert first, we indulged in a
little wine, and yes, a few pomme frites (what? They're French!), and
finished off at the Eiffel Tower—right on time.
As part of a collaborative series with CHANEL.



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