CHANEL's Little Black Jacket Book

We have a lengthy history of CHANEL collabs: we’ve been flown to Paris to peep Coco Chanel’s apartment,, see the Paris-Bombay show, tour the Massaro, visit the Joaillerie, and ventured inside the closet of muses like Hudson Kroenig and Les Fidèles’ Jen Brill. Our latest project celebrates a timeless classic that has been reinvented and reinterpreted by Karl and Carine. As highlighted in this project and the book, CHANEL's Little Black Jacket remains to be a dynamic staple that can be worn by anyone, any way. In light of the highly anticipated release of The Little Black Jacket—a coffee-table book by Lagerfeld and Roitfeld—our friends at CHANEL reached out to us to shoot a promotional piece that showcases the women behind the jacket. We hit up our Little Black Book and contacted some of N.Y.C.’s most stylish chicks from the fashion sphere to contemporary art circles. Upon our arrival, we headed over to catch up with past Coveteur W Magazine’s Karla Martinez—who had just returned from the book’s launch in Tokyo. While her glam squad did her hair and make-up, Mrs. Martinez raved on and on about the book’s appeal. From there, we cruised across town to’s Marina Larroudé's pad. Next up, we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to visit the very cool (and very pregnant!) Casey Fremont Crowe, Director of the Art Production Fund. We then hit up Sara Friedlander from Christie’s, where we were fed matzah Brie (it was still Passover!) by Father Frieds. After that, we visited another legend, Nicole Phelps, before visiting Town & Country’s (and formerly Vogue's) Sophie Pera. Finally, we ended it all at stylist/shoe designer, Tabitha Simmons’s. Like the book, our roster of women demonstrates “the astounding versatility of CHANEL's vision” and how multiple women, each with their own individual flair, can wear such an adaptable and lasting garment.


Jen Brill

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Audrey Marnay

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Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

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Leigh Lezark

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Laetitia Crahay

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