Christos Garkinos

Co-Owner of Decades. Los Angeles

Ever heard of a little shop called 'Decades'? Since its inception in 1997, merely uttering the name of the L.A.-based luxury consignment shop has elicited collective gasps from the fashion crowd. Their moniker is synonymous with one-of-a-kind collectibles: everything from vintage CHANEL and Valentino couture to contemporary pieces from Proenza Schouler and Rick Owens. Since we've already Coveteur'd founder Cameron Silver, it was only a matter of time before we gave the TC treatment to co-owner, Christos Garkinos, right?

Upon our arrival, Garkinos showered us with a full-on sushi spread. (Hey, the key to a Coveteur's heart is through the tummy…and closet.) After chowing down, we began to make our way through Garkinos' extensive wardrobe and résumé. Garkinos spent time everywhere from Disney to working for Virgin megastores (hence the original Dirk Diggler sign from Boogie Nights hanging in his guest room…no big deal!). He wound up with his current gig after Silver brought him on in 1999 to handle modern consignment by more contemporary designers. The pair have since been lauded with countless accolades, and with Garkinos and Silver's unprecedented access to such incredible wares, it was hardly a surprise when Bravo came calling to give the duo their own reality docu-series. (Move over Real Housewives!)

Given his day job, it came as no surprise as we learned that Garkinos is the kind of collector with amazing sentimental stories behind every single piece he owns, and the bow tie and shoe collections he's amassed over the years are no exception. But Garkinos' warm and super endearing demeanor doesn't mean he won’t throw it down for a highly-coveted piece. While showing us his technicolor 70s Pucci jacket he confessed: "I had to arm wrestle a collector for it!"


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