CIEL Spa at SLS Hotel

Two words: Spa. Day.

Can anyone really say no to a spa day?

While on a recent trip to L.A., we got an offer that we kind of couldn't resist—a few hours of R&R at the SLS Hotel's Ciel Spa in Beverly Hills. After a a few days of back-to-back shoots, and with our photog Jake having recently returned from several weeks of traveling, racking up the passport stamps everywhere from Russia to Paris and Florence, his back was majorly messed and in need of a thorough, slightly painful massage—you know, the kind where they kind of beat the s#!t out of you? And so it was off to an afternoon at the Ciel Spa; ready for our allotted "aaaaah" time.

The thing with Ciel Spa is that feels almost removed from the rest of the world. The lobby was kind of our dream—has someone been taking crib notes from The Cov?—with expertly curated and arranged bookshelves, coffee table books and candles along with an assortment of products by Morrocan Oil and Eve Lom. After being brought down the most zen-like all-white hallway dotted with stunning floral arrangements, we were brought into the change room, where we slipped into cushy white bathrobes. After biding our time and unwinding in Ciel's little lounge, sippin' on cups of white blueberry tea, carafes of watermelon water (forbid us for being crass, but, um, it's kind of like crack) and fancy fruit kebabs loaded with juicy raspberries and blueberries—let's just say Ciel knows a thing or too about #thatspreadlife.

After being lead to see a few of the deep soaking tubs and amazing spa baths (and experience a wicked case of FOMO that we wouldn't be experiencing them firsthand as a result); Jake was whisked off for a manly massage to work out the kinks; while the ladies were up for the spa's signature Eve Lom facial. No offence Jake, but we kind of think you got the short end of the stick here—we emerged feeling like Gwyneth Paltrow after a week-long juice cleanse, or something. We know we harp on about the number travel can do on your skin, but this was especially evident after consulting with the esthetician; who made it clear that our mugs were in a serious state of dehydration. And they really brought out the big guns for this one—we received the most incredible treatment, where we were basically injected hydration directly into our pores without so much as mentioning needles. After prepping and cleansing our skin with the brand's cleanser (did they know we have a soft spot for it or what?), they layered on warm paraffin wax (!) and applied a layer of Eve Lom's decongesting Rescue Mask. And rescue it did—our pores were virtually vacuumed out after a round of some seriously gentle extractions.

Despite having to sit down for a dinner just an hour or so later, there were none of that terrifying tell-tale "I just got a facial!" redness post-treatment—and can you really ask for anything better than that?

Natalie Joos

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Natalie Joos

You may also like Natalie Joos


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