Claire and Amanda Thomas

Food Blogger, Television Host; Jewelry Designer, Luv Aj. Los Angeles

It was the cake heard around the world (er, is that a thing?!) — you know, the one inspired by Proenza Schouler surfer-girl (SS/10, to be exact) collection? A Barbie with dip-dyed blue ombré, tie-dye food coloring top, and a green and yellow coconut flake cake skater skirt. Need we say more? And so when we did a little detective work and found out that the PS dolly cake was actually the handiwork of Claire Thomas of Kitchy Kitchen, who had custom-created the cake for her sister, Amanda, then an intern at WhoWhatWear, we knew we had to get inside that kitchen (and closet) ourselves. After all, it's not exactly a secret that we love food and fashion with equal fervor—just ask, um, anyone who's watched us collectively mow down a cheese plate or Jane Larkworthy.

Fast forward to a few months, when we rolled up to the pair's Santa Monica bungalow one afternoon. Naturally, Claire had put her confectionary skills to work—this time, whipping up a cake inspired by Rooney Mara's all-white Givenchy ensemble from the MET Gala. It was immediately evident that that same, strong inclination towards design and heightened sense of aesthetics extended to their home; their abode was full of the kind of immaculate interiors that sailed a hundred Pinterest boards. You know: a full, well-stocked bar with a giant antler overhead, gorgeous antique serving trays, intricate wallpaper and contrasting accent walls, towering bookshelves with smatterings of tongue-in-cheek and irreverent tchotchkes throughout.

And while the girls are completely in sync interiors wise, their personal style couldn't be more polar-opposite. While Amanda, who just so happens to be the design brains behind jewelry line Luv Aj, has the whole leather jackets-slinky tees and those Balenciaga boots thing going on; Claire sticks to a slightly more conservative, heavy-on-the-J. Crew kind of vibe. Bet you'd never guess they share a closet, huh?


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