Cov-Advent iCal: Day 1

We let Eddie Borgo x The Webster pavé the way.

We’re really not too ashamed to admit that come December we, along with every other 4th grader in North America, can hardly contain our elation over the illustrious holiday-wish-list. It’s not like we’re not down with all the ‘giving is the best gift’/‘giving is receiving’ altruism stuff. But frankly, this is our time to get a little wide-eyed over every fantasy possession that is now inching it’s way into reality wrapped in a bright red bow. Let’s get serious, there really is no age limit on curating a highly ambitious, highly ‘this-sh*t-is-amazing-I-NEED-one-in-every-color’ holiday-gift-guide. So listen up underachieving boyfriends, bemused mothers and indebted besties―the next 10 days pretty much articulate everything we can only hope to see under our trees, menorahs et al.

Everyone knows that two good things always make something great, so by our philosophical deduction, when two powerhouses team up things expectedly get mind-blowing. Cue: the Eddie Borgo Webster Cuff. All together now: oh. em. gee. Yeah, we’re pretty sure our hearts actually skipped a beat or two when we first set our gaze on this little wonder.

The Basel capsule collection with Miami megastar The Webster is, well, everything we've ever wanted; so you can imagine the agonizing pain it was picking just one… plus, you know how we feel about playing favorites.

Oh, and if you’re looking for us this week? We’ll be sipping champagne and ogling said collection at Cov-alum Laure Heriard Dubreuil’s boutique all Basel long.


— Sasha Johnson

Lauren Santo Domingo

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