Cov-Advent iCal: Day 10

If this isn't under our Christmas tree, we're probably going to cry.

Time sure does fly when you’re crafting a pristine gift guide. It’s hard to believe, but the 10-day whirlwind, better known as the Cov-Advent-wish-list has reached its end. Whether you’ve been naughty (we’re looking at you Miley) or ah, not exactly naughty per say (we can’t expect you to always be on your best behavior) we’re confident you’ve taken a note, or two, on this must-get-countdown. We should probably apologize if we have happened to bring out your indulgent wolfish-side, but as the hashtag goes #sorrynotsorry. Of course, we ourselves go to bed every night with visions of Dior, Charlotte Olympia and Sophia Webster dancing in our heads. What better way to cap off the star-studded10-day line up than with the clutch we’ll be, er, clutching for the next 12 months. And if this isn't under our tree come December 25, let's just say our Mariah Carey diva sides may come out. 

The bag has its perks. No matter how many flutes of champagne you sip or how many unmentionable twerks you attempt on the dance floor, you’ll always be able to find this bedazzled bright bag at the end of the night. Not to mention, fist-pumping is almost deemed acceptable when you replace neon glow sticks with a neon embellished Valentino; keyword: almost.

In any respect, happy holidays to all and to all a good time swiping your credit cards! Friendly reminder: Christmas is, like, less than two weeks away; don't worry, we juuust realized it, too. 

— Sasha Johnson

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