Cov-Advent iCal: Day 3

Were these Websters actually made for walking?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: leopard is a neutral. While this isn’t exactly your standard example of an everyday commonplace leopard print—on account of the PVC and orange leather trim―we don’t want to go and pigeonhole ourselves, now do we?

The former right-hand gal to Nicholas Kirkwood made some tsunami-footwear-waves with her debut Fall 2013 collection. And we’d hazard a guess that if (on your average day) you happened to be rummaging through the shoe closets of Solange, Rihanna or Dree Hemingway, you’d stumble upon more than just a couple pairs of Sophia Webster’s whimsical creations. She’s even named some of her babies after the ladies that wear her designs best; you’ve got the RiRi bootie-sandal, the Azealia glitter box clutch and the clutches inscribed with the wise lyrics of Nicki Minaj, “I look like yes.”

Before we break out into full Minaj-ical rap sequence, let us just say this: Top of our holiday wish list, guys. Make that #8 to be exact.

— Sasha Johnson 

Sophia Webster shoes courtesy of

Sophia Webster

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