Cov-Advent iCal: Day 6

Our Chrismukkah wishlist gets graphic.

There’s been a common consensus as of late that a) buying ‘male’ attire and then proudly parading in said attire can accurately be referred to as ‘borrowing’—even though you bought the item and have no intention of returning it; and b) this act of ‘borrowing’ is not going anywhere fast. We'll admit, we’re genuinely pleased with the latter. Give us a shiny pair of loafers, an oversized button-down or wide-legged trouser and we’ll happily channel our inner Annie Hall any day. We’re clearly still on board the ol’ ‘we-can-wear-anything-you-can-wear-better’ train.

But sometimes, juuust sometimes, you get a hankering for some good old fashioned (how do we put this?) pretty. For something—dare we say—feminine? For something—gasp!—fitted and flowery. For something that if we stood against some graphic wallpaper out of Garden State we would blend in; we've always dreamed of said scenario, to be completely honest.  

Are we taking it too far? Maybe. But maybe not. When it comes to going graphic theres two boys who get our gears going and seduce us wholly: Peter Pilotto and Chris De Vos of Peter Pilotto, duh; yes, there is in fact two brains behind the brilliant brand of our dreams. The vibrant landscapes are equal part womanly horticultural and equal part geometry. It's difficult to describe the kind of genius the duo is made of; season after season they produce a kaleidoscope of colorful creations that somehow convince us to give up boyfriend jeans and "borrowed" button-downs. There's just something to be said about their signature maximal-print aesthetic that has us clicking "Buy Now" the second it hits Moda Operandi... or at least "Add to Cart" depending on the current state of our credit cards. And while we’re not going to make ourselves accountable for the regression of the women’s liberation movement by donning a corset anytime soon, we can certainly get with there ladylike silhouettes. And who knows, we may even like our newly defined waistlines. We'll have to get back to you on that one, though.

So, pretty, pretty, pretty please put this under our Christmas tree, will ya?

— Sasha Johnson

Peter Pilotto dress courtesy of Holt Renfrew.

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