Cov-Advent iCal: Day 7

Sweet dreams, kitty.

Remember your first red-eye flight? You were 13, gangly and not quite on the other side of ‘the awkward years’. (We apologize in advance for bringing you back to this era, but bear with us because you’ll be grinning with sleepy desire in no time.) You were probably off to some all-inclusive resort for a family vacay or some small-town wherever your second cousins reside. When the cabin lights dimmed, that magical moment happened. The stewardess reached into her cart and handed you your very own sleep mask. “A sleep mask? For me? How grown-up, how restful, how Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” you probably thought. If your introduction to sleep masks was anything like ours, you proudly wore that cotton blue airline embellished wonder all the way to said destination... and then the entire week long, night and day.

Fast-forward a decade or so to present day. We’re ready to rekindle our love affair with the perfect airplane slumber and catch some much-needed Z's to avoid the much-dreaded puffy eyes. Cue: Charlotte Olympia's purr-fect (sorry, we couldn't resist, guys!) kitty slippers and eye mask set, which is a far, far cry from any aircraft-freebie. The silky, satin-y duo is embroidered with little gold kitty faces, which also totally beats those ones from your local dollar store embroidered with the likes of, "Shhhh! The princess is sleeping!" 

Sweet dreams, kitty.

— Sasha Johnson

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