Cov-Advent iCal: Day 8

If we read this, we'll magically get perfect bangs and winged liner, right?

We’re an open book (brazen pun intended) when it comes to our feelings about the Lagerfeld-muse, her perfectly disheveled tresses and yes, her cat-eye. So it should be no wonder that we’re more than just intrigued by the model’s foray into the publishing world. For someone who has a bag named after them (thanks Mulberry), is the host of a music television show and won the British Style award three times (but hey, who’s counting?), we really have to wonder how penning her own book fit in. 

But hasn’t Alexa always made it look easy? Her signature nonchalant ‘I-don’t-have-to-try’ panache is pivotal to her charm, is it not? Maybe ‘It’ holds all the secrets to being Alexa... well, here’s to hoping. Either way, the heaps of dreamy photos alone have secured ‘It’ a top spot on our Cov-Advent-iCal.

‘It’ might be an autobiography. ‘It’ also might just as easily be classified as a scrapbook inspired coffee table book. ‘It’ might even be a how-to manual, fashioned in the likes of Ines de la Fressange’s ‘Parisian Chic: A Style Guide’. In reality though, ‘It’ probably is just all of the above rolled up into one pretty packaged (in pink, nonetheless) book. And we’d like a copy on our nightstand. Stat.

— Sasha Johnson

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