Dear Lena Dunham...

Our Hannah Horvath-like leap of faith and (love) letter to Lena Dunham to heal our

Dear Lena Dunham,

Consider this our unapologetic/I-can’t-believe-we’re-f#*$ing-writing-this plea to feature you (and by extension, your closet) on The Coveteur.

Remember that Internet campaign to get Betty White on SNL? Consider this our version of that. We feel a little like Julia Stiles did in 10 Things I Hate About You when she got up in front of her class and utterly humiliated herself as she waxed poetic (literally) about her love for Heath Ledger. (R.I.P.)

So we’re taking a cue from Hannah Horvath. We’re gonna take a chance, put ourselves out there, and write this. We know there are plenty of other things we could write about (i.e. urban sprawl, racial profiling, and death) but it seems our subject of interest is you.

Aside from the fact that we’ve probably seen you naked more times than we’ve seen you clothed, we imagine your wardrobe to be filled with “not one, but two plaids” and shoes that match your dress… kind of.  (Hold the floral capris!) Unlike Ray, we don’t care if you wear a white dress, grey flannel sweatpants, or a Taylor Swift T-shirt. We’re not going to dress you in J. Lo’s Grammy get-up, although that would be pretty epic. Then again, we’ll leave the plunging necklines to Marnie. And we don’t even care if you wash your forehead or not—we’re not going to judge you. In fact, you can wear whatever the f#*k you want!

 And, okay, we don't wanna split hairs here, but we really enjoy your quirky web presence and selfies. Based on your Instagram, which we follow religiously, we know that (according to your coffee cup) shopping is your cardio and your closet is filled with plenty of Rachel Antonoff originals—and merely on those grounds alone suffice it to say that it’s totally Coveteur-worthy. Plus, we’re pretty sure you have a few pairs of printed pants—in particular a slim leg (insert slim leg hand motion here… and repeat!). We, like Adam, think you are pretty, you are a good writer (and director… and producer… and actor—and is there anything you can’t do?) and you are a good friend... at least we can only assume so. And, no, we are not Punk-ing you.

 Besides, you’re quickly beating out Jennifer Aniston for the most magazine covers/spreads in three-month period. (Props, girl. Seriously impressive.) And that V editorial styled by Keegan Singh? We couldn’t have phrased it better than the eternally eloquent Leandra Medine. Any girl who can go from a mesh tank top sans bra—sorry, guys you’ll have to wait until season two episode three—to a Zac Posen gown wins our hearts… and apparently Annie Leibovitz’s, too.

 Let’s be real: We’re not going to treat you (or your heart) like monkey meat. It’s a quick and painless process. Just ask Cov-alum and Girls writer Lesley Arfin or HelloGiggles’ Sophia Rossi.

 We’d be lying if we said that we haven’t re-watched season one like 10 five times. And now that we’ve been part of the lucky few to screen the first four episodes (yeah, that happened… twice!), we feel that we’ve been left with – to put it bluntly – televisual blue balls. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

 But it’s a new year and with that comes, well… 2013 things to do. But somewhere in that Top 10? Is our mission to give you the Coveteur treatment. So, what say you, Lena Dunham? Coming soon to a Coveteur near you?

We know that this may not be your comfort zone… but THIS is where the magic happens! In the words of Hannah Horvath: GET ON MY (uh, our) LEVEL! (We know many of you are scratching your head, but you’ll get this reference in a few weeks and laugh about it later.)

 Campaign #lenadunhamgetscoveteurd starts now!

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