Full Disclosure

Those cute brothers from that song you cant get out of your head.

You know those infectious songs that get stuck in your head for days and you find yourself belting out that same one line – “When a fire starts to burn… right! And starts to spread…” – over and over until someone tells you to stop? That’s the kind of genius Disclosure is made of. We’d be lying if we said that we woke up the following morning of their concert completely sober and not singing riffs.

But, allow us to back track for a second and go back to where it all started. (Insert rewind sound effect here.) When we got word that Disclosure would be taking over W San Diego’s newly restyled Rooftop for an exclusive concert as part the W Hotels Symmetry Live series, we jumped on the first flight to the West Coast. After settling into our suites, we met up with Guy and Howard Lawrence (they’re brothers, F.Y.I.) in the Living Room for a quick game of chess before hitting up the pool for some, er, water safety lessons. With their evening show quickly approaching, the UK-based boys (who are only 22 and 19, may we add) seemed beyond calm, cool and collected – cause a sold-out concert isn’t the least bit terrifying, right? But that’s nothing compared the three festivals in three countries they knocked out in 24 hours – yeah, that happened.

After taking us on a stroll by the water (sounds like a romantic first date, no?), we popped by the boys’ room to peep their luggage and check out their gear. Among the Nike kicks were their custom New Era hats emblazoned with the signature doodled Disclosure face and, naturally, their laptops were covered in a similar fashion. After a quick snoop, we crashed their sound check for a sneak peek then headed off to grab a bite.

A few hours later, we found ourselves on the Rooftop in a sea of eager fans, staring up at the side of W San Diego, which was plastered with projections of those Disclosure faces. After a killer opening set by, Posso, Disclosure took to the stage opening with that familiar tune from “F For You.” And when technology refused to cooperate (read: the boys’ synthesizer beats and magical voices blew a fuse), they surprised us by taking everyone inside to the Living Room with a spur-of-the-moment live DJ set-cum-dance party that had us partying ‘til… let’s just say, very, very early.

PS: If you happen to magically find yourself in Scottsdale, Arizona on December 13th (early vacay, maybe?), you best check out Vogue-favorite, BANKS, at W Scottsdale; she'll be rounding out this year's Symmetry Live and we couldn't have more FOMO if we tried.



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