Emese Szenasy

Director of Talent and Branding, Next Model Management. New York

Another Canadian living on the East Coast? Emese Szenasy acts as the Director of Global Communications at Diane von Furstenberg, spending her days at DVF's home/office location in the Meatpacking District. She started her career in fashion at Roots, assisting one of the founders in Toronto. From there, she stayed true to her stomping grounds and set up shop at Club Monaco, a brand she had always wanted to work for. Now, she's been at DVF for years, and when she can't keep up with Diane herself, she checks out her diary at to make sure she knows exactly what is going all times. Her style is enigmatic to say the least - a Céline cape from Matches, an eggplant-toned CHANEL bag, yellow patent leather Louboutin heels, and of course, a plethora of DVF's signature wrap dresses. But, we're most envious of her Hermès black clutch. "I was torn as to what color to buy this clutch in - either a taupe or classic orange. I decided on basic black - it goes with everything and is seasonless. I wore it to the launch of DVF in Istanbul and it just felt so perfect". But from now on, we're going to call her Sparta. Why? Well, we can't give it all away. But, we will give you a clue... stardust gold Proenza Schouler, anyone? Take it from here...


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