Erika Bearman

@OscarPRGirl, SVP, Global Communications, Oscar de la Renta. New York

We've been living vicariously through the closet of Erika Bearman—you might know her as @OscarPRGirl—pretty much since crop tops became a staple again (although after this Cov session, we’re starting to think they never really left).

“I love the 90’s. Long skirts, little piercings, bleached hair,” Bearman confessed.

But Bearman’s accolades far exceed her 90's revival. “I am best known (I think) for taking the brand’s reputation for outfitting ladies who lunch, to ladies (and girls) who tweet at lunch.”

Upon our arrival at Bearman’s open-concept minimalist loft (punctuated with iconic New York accents and red overhead pipes), one of the fashion world's most ubiquitous names let us explore her sprawling dressing room —and trust us, there was nothing minimal about it. We were greeted in true Coveteur fashion, with rolling racks of Oscar de la Renta floor-length gowns, sequin two-piece ensembles and one-of-a-kind collector’s items. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to being a little star struck; getting to play dress-up with Oscar’s most Instagrammed asset was truly like a throwback to our childhood Barbie days. (See the full shoot here!) Plus she’s even got the bleached-out blonde hair to make it believable. And, yes, she totally wears those OdlR showstoppers to the office, which made us seriously rethink our standard leggings and Tee ensemble.

“[My style is] high glamour. I mean…hopefully,” Bearman confessed. “I will wear sweatpants to the grocery store but with heels and some ridiculous coat.”

We bonded over our #MiniCoveteurs video (she and her handsome hubby were quoting it all night!) and the “Shit Oscar PR Girl Says” clips, while sipping on some pretty strong Margaritas… Thanks, Jon. We even got the scoop on how the two met —a love story straight out of a childhood fairytale. And with those striking Cinderella doe-eyed looks, the conversation naturally turned to beauty.

“The best beauty secrets are Bikram yoga & sleep,” she said. “And no worrying. And don’t wear too much makeup.” But, her beauty cabinet says otherwise…


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