Boy's Day (& Night) Out in the UAE

A diary of our resident photog's day with Esquire Middle East.

We have a little confession to make about our resident photog, Jake. Sometimes, usually when we're in the midst of the most surreal, bucket-list-worthy moments—you know, like getting the grand tour of Coco Chanel's apartment or playing Paris Fashion Week dress-up with Haim—we feel a little bad for the guy.

Hear us out: while, yes, his nine-to-five involves having the likes of Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley frolic in front of his lens, and when he's not busy bouncing around from Cabo to Puerto Rico in a single week, which is then followed by jaunts to London and Dubai... wait. What were we saying?

But seriously—in an estrogen-filled, especially femme-y environment, it can sometimes become lost on the rest of us that there was once a time where Jake's surroundings of choice were the Great Outdoors (you know, with trees and mountains, and stuff?) rather than Louboutin-laden closets. And while over the past three years (time flies, you guys) or so, he has somehow mastered the skill of knowing his Célines from his Balenciagas (though the jury's still out on Kelly bags versus Birkins), somehow reviewing the merits of the latest Saint Laurent campaign doesn't quite make him light up in the same way as hashing out the details of his last road trip.

And so during our last visit to Dubai, the team from Esquire Middle East picked up on his dilemma and took pity (because he really needed it, right?) on the man behind the camera. Their fix? A day of roller coasters, race car driving and whiskey on Yas Island, which doubles as yet another adult amusement park of sorts—the sort of place we'd come to expect from the UAE. Go-Pro in hand, we had him document the whole thing: after all, it's not so often his day job strays this far from Fendi and Ferragamo, you guys.



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