Eva Chen's Instagram

An open letter to the amazingness that is Lucky Magazine's @evachen212.

Come on, admit it—you may act completely casual when pressed about it IRL, but we all have those favorite handles that we regularly lurk on Instagram. Aside from the scores of gratuitous food porn accounts and bloggers who seem to be in a new breathtaking locale every other week (ahem, Nicole Warne), if there's one 'gram that never fails to have us go off on a double-tapping bender, it's @evachen212—a.k.a. Lucky Magazine's Eva Chen.

If you have a pulse and a working Internet connection, it's a name that you've probably seen popping up on fashion blogs over the past few weeks or so; likely championing her as a 'new breed of editor-in-chief,' after her big move to Lucky, and we have to concur. Actually, we kind of like to think that her Instagram and general social media prowess is partly what got her such a plum position—you know, beside being whip-smart, super talented and her overall sunny demeanour?

We're partial to those signature Valentino-filled backseat #OOTDs (that's outfit of the day, for the less Insta-inclined). And though we hate to play favorites, the real highlight (at least for us) is Chen's shots of her beauty stashes and the products she reviews for her followers once they're finished off. After all, while she's now all you-fancy-huh as an EIC, we remember her when she reigned as Teen Vogue's Beauty Director; remember that time we shot her in her office? And yes, if you must know... there might just be a Part II with @evachen212 in the works. Stay tuned!