Fabio Novembre

Architect & Designer. Milan

“I never had a place that I could call ‘home,’ but must admit that perhaps I never wanted to,” architect and designer, Fabio Novembre wrote. “To put down roots’ is an idea I always feared and living the last nine years in a former airplane factory may have developed my sense of flight.”

Novembre – the self-professed “Adam” – met his “Eve” and planted their roots (excuse the pun) at their impressive Milan complex… designed by himself, of course. When we arrived at his industrial looking home/studio we were sure we were standing in front of some sort of garage. However, upon closer inspection, we discovered a coffin-shaped door that led us into his exquisite courtyard. It’s almost impossible to articulate the magnitude and sheer beauty of Novembre’s work: detailed tiled work of snake on the kitchen ceiling (see the Adam and Eve theme?), oversized, illuminating sculptures, twisted metal installations, glass windows, all-white-everything, arched ceilings, camo couches, and even heart-shaped railings for the stairs.

When asked who the Tommy Hilfiger Tailored man is, Novembre seemed to subconsciously describe himself: “[He’s] probably a quite confident man, and such a man can live anywhere; any place is perceived like home for someone like him.”

This is clearly a man with a futuristic lens on the world; he truly sees the artfulness in anything; from his "revolving cabinet" designed in 1970 by Japanese designer, Shiro Kuramata, to his custom suits. And don’t even bother asking where he might wear said suit; Novembre is firm believer in dressing to the nines… everyday. In fact, he advocates that every man – not just the Hugh Hefner types, okay! – should own a velvet smoking jacket. “I personally wear it very casually; any moment is unique,” he added.

While his style is very much of the quintessential Italian man you see snapped by streetstyle photogs, his true inspiration stems straight from the bible. The whole Adam/Eve story really came to fruition (see what we did there?) when November chomped away on an apple for his final portrait shot; totally unplanned, we swear.


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