Jenni Kayne

Designer and Owner; Jenni Kayne. Los Angeles

Almont Drive is one of our favourite streets in L.A. The West Hollywood block is home to two of our favourites: the Andy Lecompte Salon (the home-base for Coveteurs like Leanne Citrone, Mara Roszak and Jen Atkin) and designer Jenni Kayne’s store-slash-office. In our latest installment of Fashion Offices with the fine folks at Who What Wear, we peeped the storefront where the goods are displayed, and went to the back where it all begins. It was great to hang with Kayne—who had just recently welcomed a new bundle of joy, Ripley, into her family—and see how her design process works. Kayne’s workspace is surrounded with inspirational images torn from the pages of Vogue (and other magazines), blogs, artists­, and photographers alike. Her desk is super organized, too; after all, she is a Virgo—so Kayne tells us it’s “essential for her sanity.” She also spilled a few other secrets: her favourite florist in L.A. (J.K. loves Bloom & Plume and Botany), her daily pick-me-up (Pressed Juicery’s Greens 2 and Grapefruit Mint), and her go-to scent (SMN Rose Water: “I have one at home, in my car, and at work—just in case!”). With the Drive soundtrack on repeat, the office is filled with tunes to keep the creative juices flowing. Kayne’s clothing is not only a Cov-fave, but a favourite among celebrities, as well. Thanks to a little help from Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, Jessica Biel and slew of others, Kayne has been catapulted to cult-status. We really admire Kayne’s expert eye and aesthetic, which translates perfectly from her décor to her collection. And there’s a great gratification for Kayne to see the fruits of her labour transition from production to purchase: “I love when mothers and daughters come into the stores and can both walk out with something; my goal has always been to design a collection for women regardless of their age.”


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