Fashion Offices with WWW: Katherine Power & Hilary Kerr

Inside the Who What Wear Offices. Los Angeles

The brainchild of Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, WhoWhatWear (as we’re sure you already know) is a website devoted to all things fashion – and we are obsessed. What was Kirsten Dunst wearing while she was roaming the streets of SoHo last week? What was that hair band Rachel Bilson was rocking strolling down Venice? WWW always has the answers.
We’re always checking out their killer features, such as “Currently Channeling,” “Style Star,” “How They Wear,” and truth be told, our favorite “Girl of the Month". Having just moved in at the time of our shoot, The Coveteur was the first to showcase where HK and KP get down. To celebrate our collaboration with WWW, we decided to the motive behind the collaboration was to give our readers a behind the scenes look into the offices and careers of some of the most interesting and influential women in fashion – all viewed through our edited lens, and in partnership with our favorite online destination Who What Wear. As fashion curators ourselves, we had to start it off right by showcasing the office of our mentors, friends, and now, collaborators – Hillary and Katherine.


Hillary Kerr

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Katherine Power

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Hedi Gores

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The Honest Company

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Kelly Sawyer

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Sara Brajovic

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