Fatima Ghobash

Co-Founder, Sauce. Dubai

It all started the way a lot of stories seem to around these parts: with Moschino, of course. And not the dizzyingly hypebeast-y, prints-on-prints-on-prints iteration of the brand we've come to know under Jeremy Scott either (not that that's a bad thing, or anything—in the words of Anna Dello Russo, excess means success). "Moschino was my first fashion memory. I was thirteen and in Milan with my mom. He [Franco Moschino] famously said that he hoped fashion was only one of the little elements in people’s lives. Ironically, he helped make it one of the big elements in mine.”

It makes sense, then, that Fatima Ghobash went on to be one-third of the force behind Sauce, which our extensive experience in all things shopping (no shame, guys) allow us to confidently dub the Colette of the Middle East. As we'd already received the grand (and we do mean grand) tour of Ghobash's abode after a dinner party at her home a few nights prior—highlights included the almost entirely-marble interior and the olive tree in her backyard imported from Italy—we got right down to business raiding her closet. We mean, can you even blame us? One peek inside Ghobash's wardrobe reveals the same expertly-curated and eclectic mix that S*uce has become known for. Case-in-fashion-point: a spongy pastel-pink Simone Rocha shift, patchwork one-of-a-kind CHANEL and strappy all-over print Sophia Webster sandals, to name just a few.

And while Moschino's words may have preached otherwise, we do think he would have hugely approved of the mini-UAE-empire his designs have had at least a tiny part in inspiring. Not to mention the late designer would have fit right in over in Dubai, at least based on Ghobash's apt summation of her adopted home: "I've heard that in Monaco you could wear a million dollar necklace to breakfast at a café and no one would bat an eye. I think the same is true for Dubai!" BRB, booking our return tickets to Dubai, stat.


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