From Paris, With Love

Playing dress up in Isabel Marant Pour H&M

It's not so much a confession as it is stating the painfully obvious—that we're unrelenting, unabashed Isabel Marant fan girls. We can't quite put our finger on exactly what it is about the incredibly innately cool designer, but somehow, she just makes her Parisian appropriation of Americana the only thing we want to wear, like, ever. You know, it's almost as if a Parisian girl took a trip through the American South, and carted her finds all the way back to the Left Bank, where she proceeded to style her sequinned bolero-style jackets and fringe-trimmed trousers with the painfully French basics already in her own closet.

Virtually the moment the quintessential Parisian designer's collaboration with fast fashion behemoth H&M was announced, we were ready to head out the door and go into battle; we've been pretty much been patiently biding our time ever since... and brushing up on our boxing skills. With visions of low-slung short shorts and airy, hippie paisley blouses dancing in our heads, you can imagine our excitement when H&M approached us with a ticket to Paris (!) to party with Ms. Marant herself (!!) and celebrate the launch of the collection. While we were in town, we figured it wouldn't exactly hurt to play dress-up with a few of our pals and see how they styled their favorite pieces of the collaboration in with their own wardrobes. After all, we're fairly convinced that even the one designer who makes us want to shell out our savings for literally everything she creates would agree that a head-to-toe look can be a little ennui-inducing.

The result? Bekket high tops on our feet and embroidered bomber jackets slung over our shoulders just so. It goes without saying we're all set to do some serious damage come November 14th, both to our credit cards, as well as (potentially) others. What? Don't get between us and our Isabel Marant.



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