Getting Inked

The Coveteur’s guide to getting tattooed.

Ever since the playground days (we maintain that if Instagram had existed, we’d totally have made it on #FashionKidsOfInstagram. See proof: here), we’ve been big fans of personalizing our limbs with Sharpies and the 90s classic, Milky Pens. In the history of Cov-high, we’ve seen our fair share of ink on pretty much every body part you can imagine (no lower backs, kids—keep ‘em classy!). From Sean Avery's Radiohead lyrics to Ben Baller’s badass sleeves and back art and Lesley Arfin’s hilarious art-all-over, our favorite peeps just wouldn’t be the same without them.

“People say to me 'Uh, is that a baby in a banana?' and I say, 'Why yes it is!'" Oh, Arfin!

While some tats act like a permanent snapshot, capturing a moment in time, others make for some awesome accessories (we’ve chosen to cover ourselves with dainty rings, in the meantime). Some of our favorites, though? Adir Abergels miniscule scissors, Jenné Lombardo’s tiny rose tattoo, Kelly Osbourne’s electric keyboard, and our eternal girl crush, Lena Dunhams quirky body art dedicated to Eloise.

Although she’s got an army of ‘em, Lombardo revealed her favorites (“a dagger with a snake wrapped around it on my forearm,”) and (more importantly!) the man behind (most of) it: Mr. Scott Campbell. In fact, NYC’s Campbell has done everyone from Marc Jacobs to Courtney Love to Heath Ledger (R.I.P.).   

And if you’re going to get inked, bear in mind that sh*t is permanent! “As you get older, you realize that you don't want to be defined by your tattoos,” Osbourne once said. So if you plan on going under the needle, we suggest this: Do your research! (And, please, don’t get your beau-of-the-mo tatted on your chest. You’re gonna regret it! Trust.)

While we’ve opted for parental-approved temporary tats by CHANEL and Dior, we’re pretty tempted to take a cue from the model – Suvi’s wrist or Freja's "float" tat – in the coming months. Next stop? Mark Mahoney's in L.A., Saved or Adorned in N.Y.C. or Way Cool Tattoos in Toronto. (Sorry, Mom!) 

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