One Night Only

One night only in the Big Apple with Giorgio Armani

Only in New York, right? At least that's how the saying goes. And following a whirlwind two days spent in Manhattan with his team, we can see why Mr. Armani would single out the city as the venue for a mass tribute to his oeuvre thus far. Did we mention that Mayor Bloomberg himself actually went ahead and deemed October 24th to be Giorgio Armani Day in New York City? Let's just say the love is more than mutual between one of the greatest cities in the world (what did we tell you about playing favorites?!) and the eminent couturier and designer.

First up? A preview of Giorgio Armani's new Nude collection (exclusively available in New York at the Giorgio Armani stores on Fifth and Madison, as well Bergdorf's, because, like, where else?). Get your head out of the gutter—rather than serve as a salute to stripping down to one's skivvies, the new collection celebrates the kind of refined, hyper-ladylike elegance that Giorgio Armani is renowned for. Highlights include strappy blush-tinged sandals, Wintour-worthy sunglasses, a rosy mink stole (let's not tell you-know-who) and expertly-tailored beige blazers and jackets straight out of Giorgio's greatest hits.

Fast forward one night later to the brand's #OneNightOnlyNYC event at the SuperPiers just off of the West Side Highway. The Giorgio Armani team had transformed the massive industrial space into an impossibly elegant venue for the retrospective runway show, spanning 140 of Giorgio Armani Privé's most memorable looks since 2005. With a red carpet teeming with everyone from everyone (we're talking Leonardo DiCaprio and Anna Wintour in attendance), we were kind of in awe of how somehow, seemingly everyone comes out for Giorgio Armani. We also got a sneak peak at the Eccentrico exhibit, which showcased Giorgio Armani's archives from 1985 to the present and the more "eccentric" spirit of the historied house. Is there anything better than getting to see an Giorgio Armani collection up-close-and-personal without the jet-lag of traipsing off to Paris or Milan? We think not.



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