Girls with Gaps

Because if you got it, flaunt it.

Gap. Tooth. Girls. You know the ones; they start out model ready, then flash their pearly whites and instantly become 10 times cooler and more interesting than us in our wildest limited-edition-Birkin-toting dreams. But really, it takes about five Georgia May Jagger smiley-seconds, before we're wishing away our awkward brace-face years in the hopes of embracing our crooked pre-pubescent looks. Realistically though, in our case, those years of metallic head gear and multi-colored sparkly elastics were probably for the best - shout out to our tortured teenaged selves... and our parents for footing the bill.

But times are a changin' and now there is about a million Pinterest and Tumblr pages dedicated to the cause; the French, as always, were ahead of the game dubbing the imperfect orthodonture, "dents de bonheur." Translation: lucky teeth. Those Parisians have a few women to thank, though - namely the ones who started it all, the Jane Birkins and Brigitte Bardots of the world, to the present day quirky-thoothed girls, like Lara Stone, Lindsey Wixson and Anna Paquin. And for those of you possibly not destined to be world renowned models, - we know, tough life - there's plenty of other gap tooth gains to go around. Namely party tricks in the form of shooting water (read: beer) through your gap at your BFF's rager. See? We're not as grown up or civilized as we pretend to be. 

The fact that 95% of these girls are platinum blondes, though? Well that's just a coincidence. That being said, don't be surprised if you see us heading down to Sally Hershberger's, robe on and tinfoil in hair. New year, new look, right? 

— Naomi Nachmani

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